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Training Activities

Thanks to the great experience of the founders of Rational Time in the field of Organization of Working Time (OTT), in which are investigating more than 10 years during which there have been numerous divulgation and training activities.

These activities are focused on publicizing current solutions on the management of the schedule and working calendar, the actions to be taken to improve processes and everything related with the new 2.0 schedules paradigm.

From the possible activities we highlight:

  • Conferences

    The conferences are aimed at a general audience with a purpose awareness of the importance of the organization of the working time and his impact on the results of the companies or organizations and staff satisfaction. Conciliation, annualization, hours budget, shifts, working hours reduction… are concepts that are mentioned on a daily basis to harmonize person’s working activities and their personal and social activities. The organization of the working time is becoming increasingly complex in the society due to the growing need for flexible working hours. Schedule management is becoming a key tool to overcome the crisis, as it is a factor that increases productivity and competitiveness. The 2.0 schedule paradigm is an environment that demands an individual schedule management is undoubtedly one of the great challenges of our society.

    Rational Time blog has several conferences that were organized by different entities.

  • Seminars

    Seminars are aimed to technicians and specialists in human resources area, operations and production. The goal is that by the end of the seminar, the attendees will be able to identify issues in their organizations to enhance and improve current systems related with schedule management and working calendar.

    It is evident that flexible working hours is becoming in a key factor to overcome crisis but also to help reconciliate work and personal life. With the new paradigms of schedule management in a flexible way, listening to staff and using information and communication resources available, result in a increase of competitiveness of the companies and also in a increase of staff satisfaction.

    You can find more information about courses in the Courses section.

  • Outreach

    There have been numerous press, radio and television interviews. The Rational Time blog has a selection of news and interviews. You may also see in the Press and News section.

  • Courses

    The courses can be taken in Rational Time, or in company , adapting the content and duration according to the needs of each company.

    You can find more information about courses in the Courses section.