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Rational Time S. L. is a spinoff of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and was created with the support of the Programa Innova of the UPC. The company, was founded in 2007, performs consulting activities and custom projects in the scope of the Organization of Working Time (OWT). Rational Time S. L. developed a web-based solution for managing the calendar and the staff working hours in the industrial and service sectors.

For more information, please see PDF presentation .

Organization of Working Time

The Organization of Working Time (OWT) is the discipline that studies and proposes solutions for the new challenges posed by the evolution of our society, becoming an instrument of flexibility that allows the adaptation to different factors as: the variability of the demand throughout the year, week or day, the increase of the operational time and/or of the opening days, the increase of the number of people working partial time or that need a flexible schedule, the increase of the versatility of the staff or the commitment to promote work-life balance. Definitely, the complexity of the management of OWT has increased.