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Ayce Consulting was founded in 1992 with a clear vocation of service to enterprises. Since then add up to now, they offer the best advice and management of the company. Among the main services are: Tax, Labour, Accounting and Finance areas, aimed at companies with a need to control financial management. It also provides advisory service ins: Accounting, Labour and Tax aimed at small businesses, professionals and self-employed persons.
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Organization and Industrial Logistics Engineering Group of the Technical University of Catalonia. One of its research is devoted to the Organization of Working Time (OWT). At a time when having a flexible capacity is important for the competitiveness of a company, an optimal organization of working time has become a major concern for the responsible of personnel management.
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Komac Group. Extraordinary and sustainable organizations. Its mission is to follow and assist organizations in their transformation process to become wellness centers of high performance and competitiveness, giving emphases on people learning and their evolution, in their relations and of those individual team and organization factors that can represent an obstacle to achievement of goals.
More information at: Information and communication site of all aspects that are related to equality policies of opportunities between men and women in the organizations. This site collects and provides information and resources from different sources, all of them have done a very good job, so that the implementation of actions give effect to this equality a reality.
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ANTA is an association of professionals and companies. It's a non-profit organization that was founded in 1996 as a result of the efforts of a number of professionals and companies related to HORECA sector. This association promotes technological development within the sector, especially in the collective food sector.
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