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Working Hours Management System via Internet

Rational+ is an application SaaS (Software as a Service), via Internet with the following characteristics:

  • Secure and with individual access;
  • Economical, with a fare based on the number of users;
  • Accessible, with the database in the cloud and with no installation required on servers of the company or organization;
  • Always up to date, incorporating automatically improvements without any additional cost.
Screen of the Login to Rational+

The SaaS philosophy offers a lower barrier entry to companies for its price, ideal for micro and small enterprises but without sacrificing the high performance and simplicity of software distribution necessary for medium and large enterprises.

Two different user profiles

  • The Responsible for managing and/or monitor the schedules and calendars.
  • The Basic User (worker) who consults his information individually and can make his solicitudes.

Roles for each user profile

The responsible for managing and/or monitor the schedules and the calendar of the staff can perform the following actions:

  • Configure company or organization own data:
    • Manage the conventions and the information of licenses, vacations, stock hours, etc.
    • Manage the different users: create and delete users, versatility, contact information, groups, etc.
    • Define the annual calendar: holidays, bridges, etc.
    • Define schedules, tasks and locations.
  • Enter the necessary demand for each task and locations.
  • Assign tasks, schedules and locations to each person and facilitate the resolution of incidences.
  • Manage staff requests: absences, shifts trade, vacations, compensations, etc.
  • Register of all actions that occur.
Screen of the stock hours management

The basic user can perform the following actions:

  • Check the time schedule;
  • Check his calendar with the assigned tasks and location;
  • Request absences and shift trades;
  • Request vacations or leaves, loaded or not into a stock hours account.
Screen of the vacations request
  • Check the balance of the stock hours, as well the days where charges or compensation have occurred.
  • Check the status of all requests which the responsible must approve or deny.
  • Historical record of the information and statistics of the results.

Quantitative Benefits

The quantitative benefits that can be obtained from the use of Rational+ are:

  • Reduced costs by optimal sizing of the workforce;
  • Reduction of extra working hours;
  • Reduction of the absenteeism and staff rotation;
  • Reduction of the number of incidences;
  • Increased ease of information check and registration of all events that affects the management process of work schedule and calendar;
  • Helps decision-making in an emergency or change in the planning or programming;
  • Reduction of the time spent of those responsible for organizing the staff work schedule, which may invest in higher value tasks more related to their specialty.

Qualitative Benefits

The ability to manage information aggregated and historical statistics contributes to increase the sense of fairness among individuals in a group, for example, by showing how many requests have been approved or denied by the applicant in respect to his colleagues, maintaining the anonymity of private information. The qualitative benefits that can be obtained from the use of Rational+ are:

  • Reduction of conflicts and increase the sense of fairness;
  • Helps to introduce equality measures and reconciliation actions;
  • Increases staff satisfaction and improves the working environment.

As a result of all quantitative and qualitative benefits, the company will be able to attract talent and to retain qualified and motivated staff.

Customizing the system

It’s possible to customize the system. For example:

  • Include the corporate image;
  • Integration with other systems: accounting, persons portal, etc;
  • Perform specific reports and/or unique statistics;
  • etc.

In every case, a study must be performed.

Hiring Rational+ application

The following link takes you to a form register for the Rational+ application. You’ll find the The following link takes you to a form register for the Rational+ application. You’ll find the, the Service Level Agreement and the Listing Price: